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Do you have a team of 10 in-house estimators, and you pay each $6,013 monthly? Oh! It is approximately $60,130 for the whole team.

Why don’t you go with outsource construction estimators for the same job? Man, you can increase your business profit by up to 20% with it.

Save up to 70% on your in-house expenses.

Outsource A Professional Estimator!


Increasing your project efficiency by up to 99%!


Delivering estimates with 0 compromise on accuracy!

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Not even a 1-second increase in the decided delivery time.

Outsource Construction Estimating Services
About Our Estimators

Why Do You Need Outsource Construction Estimating Services?

It’s not a mess at all. Let us handle this on your behalf. We are a professional team of estimators working under the roof of the leading US-based construction estimating company, Construction Estimator. With 33 years of working experience, we confidently offer precise and accurate construction cost estimating services as outsourced experts.

But why do you actually need to outsource us for construction estimation services? As mentioned above, you can save significant money on your employees’ salaries. Besides this fact, quick deliveries, 100% accuracy, ongoing support, change order management, and complete project scheduling will be our duty. So, no more need to invest in your in-house team.

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Our Services

Services Our Outsource Estimators Offer

Are you thinking about what range of construction estimating services you can get from our team? We are actually a team of 76 highly qualified estimators. Our members have related degrees in the construction field. Therefore, we offer our customers A to Z estimating services at Construction Estimator. Check out our prominent services here and click on the Services at the top of the page to explore others!

Outsource Cost Estimating Services

We offer cost-estimating services to optimize your construction budgeting. In 2023, we estimated the cost of 2000+ building projects.

Outsource Quantity Takeoff Services

Besides estimation, we are experts in delivering detailed quantity takeoffs to highlight the exact construction material and labor needs.

Outsource Bidding Estimating Services

Our team helps you increase the quality of bidding and bring it to at least 95% to increase your win bid chances.

Strategies Make Our Estimates The 1st Choice

We laid the foundation of this company to elevate the 30-40% win-bid ratio of contractors in the US. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have brought this value up to 98%. Do you use some strategies….Hold on! Actually, our outsource construction estimators created customized strategies to give our best, deliver quality, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is still following updated versions of these strategies and adding something extraordinary to the US construction industry.

Pre-Project Analysis


Our 10/10 construction projects start with a detailed pre-project analysis to highly project specifications.

Historical-Based Budget Evaluation


Our team uses historical data from similar projects to increase the quality of this construction estimate.

Detailed Takeoff Assessment


Before construction bidding and estimating, we create precise takeoffs for material and labor needs.

Tech-integrated Collaboration


We ensure smooth collaboration using communication tools and software. They bring the risk probability to ZERO.

Our Outsource Estimators Deal With

Our Scope of Work

Our construction estimating company started with a mission of assisting construction industry professionals in making their estimates highly profitable. So, we could not restrict ourselves to limited industries. Therefore, we decided to target all industries to deliver construction budget assessments of the best quality. In the long list, some prominent industries include the Construction Industry, the Architectural Sector, Real Estate Development, Interior Design, Renovation and Remodeling, Engineering Projects, Landscaping fields, and Government Projects.

Industries our Outsource Estimators Deal With​

Clinets that Outsource our Construction Estimators

Are you thinking if you are compatible with our services? You can benefit from our outsourced construction bidding and estimating services if you work in any construction field in the US. We have a long list of clients in our customer section. See some of the most prominent ones on the right side.


80% of our customers are construction contractors.


We helped 1500+ builders in the year 2023.


Whether HVAC or framing, we welcome all subcontractors.


Besides construction professionals, we close deals with direct homeowners.

Why Our Freelance Construction Cost Estimator is your first Choice?

Construction Estimator is the only option in the US where you can meet your construction project budget needs with 100% guaranteed efficiency. Our experience, expertise, qualification, industry knowledge, time management, 99% success rate, everything is excellent. Our working policies are also flexible. Therefore, all constructors and subcontractors should prefer us for valuable construction estimating services in the US.

Our Sample

Construction Estimator Plans

Dedicated Estimator

Starting From
$10 Per Hour


Terms and Conditions apply:

Monthly Packages

Starting From
$1500 Per Month


Terms and Conditions apply:

Single Trade Pricing

Starting From
$199 Specific Trade


Terms and Conditions apply:

Upload Plans

Upload Construction Plans

Send us your construction drawings if you need accurate estimates from our outsource construction estimators!

Get a Free Quote

We will send you a quote with an attached invoice and detailed project and service description.

Pay the Invoice

Review the quote, request changes (if required), and pay the invoice for accurate construction estimates!

Get Construction Estimates

After 24-48 hours, we will send you a budget assessment for your construction project.

Hire Dedicated Freelance Construction Estimator for Your Project

You are going to make a smart investment. With our construction estimation services, you can enjoy various benefits never enjoyed before. In fact, you can expect a 100% Return on Investment (ROI) by going with our estimating services. We ensure your project’s success and business. See what benefits you can get from our services below!

100% Accurate Estimates

You have hit a 90-95% accuracy rate in your past business life. Now, together we will transform it with a 100% accuracy rate.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team ensures the availability of customer support 24/7. There is no need to wait for our response for days and weeks.

95% Optimized Budget & Timelines

Before, you have experienced many time and budget overruns. But we will optimize your budget by up to 95%.

Surety of 98% Win-Bid Ratio

Say goodbye to bid failures from now on. With our support, you can increase your win-bid ratio by up to 98%.

0% Chance of Overhead Expenses

We help you cut down on employee and administrative salaries. It means we eliminate the 100% chance of overhead expenses.

Up to 20% Increase in Business Growth

Our assistance ensures you will see up to a 20% boost in your business growth in the next few months.

Clients Say About Our Estimators

All our clients are happy with the services our outsource construction estimators deliver. 9 out of every 10 customers prefer us for construction estimating solutions in the US. It is your belief in trust that keeps us flying all the time.

I found Construction Estimator the best-estimating company in my area. Thanks for equipping me with an optimized budget plan for my office building project.
1 review
I was worried about my continuously declining win-bid ratio. But, I am pleased that I used the services of this company that elevated my win bid ratio from 37% to 91%.
1 review
Construction Estimators always provided me with accurate estimates on time. Therefore, I always prefer them for excellence.
1 review

Make Wise Decisions to Increase Your Win-Bid Ratio!

Everything is cleared now! So, without wasting 1 more minute, contact our outsource construction estimators and discuss your construction plans! We are striving to start working on your building projects. Let us assist you in increasing your win-bid ratio magically.

Explore The Quick Answer Book!

Yes, you can request a customized quote for your unique construction project. For this project, we will definitely do customized budget planning and deliver solutions tailored to your desires. 

On average, it takes around 24 to 48 hours to create and submit accurate building estimates. But, for complex constructions, our professionals may need more time, like 3 to 7 days, for a complete budget assessment. 

We use the following estimating software for accurate budget assessment deliveries:
RS Means

We need detailed construction drawings or blueprints to analyze the project’s scope. Besides relying on project drawings only, we conduct site visits to highlight project specifications and requirements.

Our customer support remains open round the clock. Hence you can reach us any time to request changes in your house construction estimating plan.